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Stevie Evans
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Stevie Evans (Steven Strait) is Ike Evans' older son. He is charming, sly, and knows how to attract women. He is not very morally conscious, and is full willing to arrange escorts for wealthy guests at the Miramar Playa. From a young age he has been groomed to one day rule the Miramar Playa like his father.


Stevie Evans, Ike’s older son is a sleek and charming "bad boy" who manages the Miramar Playa’s sultry Atlantis Lounge. He is the Prince, cat-nip to women and hand-picked and groomed by his father to one day rule the Miramar Playa. Stevie learns the little things from Ike that keep the hotel humming – from arranging escorts for well-heeled guests to catering to players in the high-stakes cabana poker game. Stevie seems easy and natural in these dark waters but he courts danger and risk. He is fiercely loyal to Ike, and simultaneously baffled by yet admiring of his straight-arrow younger brother. Stevie’s relationship with his gorgeous stepmother is complicated. But devotion to his family comes first, until he meets the woman who will put everyone he loves in jeopardy.[1]

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"Sounds like a lot of fun."
Stevie Evans

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