Season 2 of Magic City premiered on June 14th, 2013 at 10:00pm ET/PT on premium cable channel STARZ.


Miami Beach, 1959.

As Ike Evans rings in the New Year at his luxurious Miramar Playa Hotel, Havana falls to Castro’s rebels. It’s a turbulent time in Miami, but it’s THE place to be. The Kennedys, the mob and the CIA all hold court here. And Ike, he’s the star of his hotel.

But everything comes at a price.

To finance his dream, he sold his soul to mob boss Ben “The Butcher” Diamond. Ike’s wife Vera, a former showgirl, and his three kids think he’s an honorable man, but he can’t break his pact with the devil. His life is a façade.

In fact, nothing at the Miramar Playa is what it seems. By day, it’s diving clowns and cha-cha lessons. By night, escorts have secret liaisons with husbands in the family cabanas, while Miami’s seedier residents and the law drift together to hear legendary singers, musicians and comics.

As Ike’s world threatens to implode, he fights for his family, and the Miramar Playa, in Magic City.[1]


# Image Title Airdate
01 Ike+Evans+(Jeffrey+Dean+Morgan),+Vera+Evans Error: requested ep number not found June 14, 2013
Miami Beach, 1958-1959. As Ike Evans rings in the New Year at his luxurious Miramar Playa Hotel, Havana falls to Castro’s rebels. It’s a turbulent time in Miami, but it’s THE place to be. The Kennedys, the mob and the CIA all hold court here. And Ike, he’s the star of his hotel. But everything comes at a price...
02 Lily+Diamond+(Jessica+Marais)+2 Error: requested ep number not found June 21, 2013
Ike is forced to deal with the disgruntled father of Mike Strauss, after he suddenly disappears. Meanwhile, the DA uses Danny to help him fight organized crime. Elsewhere, Stevie decides to continue his affair with Lily, despite discovering who she truly is...
03 Victor+Lazaro+(Yul+Vazquez)4 Error: requested ep number not found June 28, 2013
Ike tries to bribe government officials, in hopes of them legalizing gambling for his hotel. Ben begins to worry that his wife is sleeping around. Vera has an unexpected visit of a person from her past. Meanwhile, Ike is forced to ask his wealthy former sister in law for a big favor...
04 Stevie+Evans+(Steven+Strait),+Danny+Evans+(Cr Error: requested ep number not found July 12, 2013
While Ike has to deal with a break in at his hotel, Vera begins planning an extravagant charity function that she hopes Jackie Kennedy will attend. Elsewhere, Victor struggles to get his wife out of Cuba...
05 E105 SS 01 Error: requested ep number not found July 19, 2013
Ike is determined to save Judi Silver from Ben Diamond. Polaroids of Stevie and Lily surface. Vera tries something new to get pregnant, Danny and Mercedes' bond grows, and Klein's search ramps up...
06 Lily+Diamond+(Jessica+Marais) Error: requested ep number not found July 26, 2013
Ike and Ben Diamond bet big on a boxing match. Jackie Kennedy cancels on Vera. Danny gets blackmail photos meant for Stevie, and Klein finds something that will change Ike's life forever...
07 Ike+Evans+jdm Error: requested ep number not found August 2, 2013
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08 120px Error: requested ep number not found August 9, 2013
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A tentative season finale date of August 3, 2013 has yet to be confirmed, as has the season length which appears to be 10 episodes.[2]


Magic City Teaser

Magic City Teaser


Starring castEdit

  1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ike Evans (8 episodes)
  2. Olga Kurylenko as Vera Evans (8 episodes)
  3. Steven Strait as Stevie Evans (8 episodes)
  4. Jessica Marais as Lily Diamond (8 episodes)
  5. Christian Cooke as Danny Evans (8 episodes)
  6. Elena Satine as Judi Silver (8 episodes)
  7. Dominik Garcia-Lorido as Mercedes Lazaro (8 episodes)
  8. Taylor Blackwell as Lauren Evans (8 episodes)
  9. and Danny Huston as Ben Diamond (8 episodes)

Supporting castEdit

Guest starring

  1. Yul Vazquez as Victor Lazaro (8 episodes)
  2. Bradford Tatum as "Dandy" Al Haas (8 episodes)
  3. Michael Rispoli as Bel Jaffe (7 episodes)
  4. Kelly Lynch as Meg Bannock (6 episodes)
  5. Matt Ross as Jack Klein (6 episodes)
  6. Andrew Bowen as "Divin'" Dave Donahue (6 episodes, 1 as a co-star)
  7. Alex Rocco as Arthur Evans (5 episodes)
  8. Willa Ford as Janice Michaels (4 episodes, 1 as a co-star)
  9. Steven Brand as Cliff Wells (2 episodes)
  10. Leland Orser as Mike Strauss ("The Year of the Fin")
  11. Arron Shiver as Jimmy Shoes ("Suicide Blonde")
  12. William Marquez as Cesar Ramos ("Time and Tide")


Recurring roles

  1. Karen-Eileen Gordon as Florence (8 episodes)
  2. John Cenatiempo as Vincent Lamb (7 episodes)
  3. Todd Allen Durkin as Doug Feehan (6 episodes)
  4. Taylor Anthony Miller as Ray-Ray Mathis (6 episodes)
  5. Ricky Waugh as Barry "Cuda" Lansman (6 episodes)
  6. Chad Gall as Ethan Bell (5 episodes)
  7. Carla Bianchi as Peggy Reef (4 episodes)
  8. Catalina Rodriguez as Theresa (4 episodes)
  9. Michael Beasley as Grady James (4 episodes)
  10. John Manzelli as Sol Drucker (3 episodes)
  11. Gregg Weiner as Phil Weiss (3 episodes)
  12. Tom Degnan as Pierce Fuller (3 episodes)
  13. Avi Hoffman as Sid Raskin (3 episodes)
  14. Brett Rice as Senator Ned Sloat (3 episodes)
  15. Philip Schneider as Heshie (3 episodes)
  16. Stan Carp as Al Strauss (3 episodes)
  17. Garrett Kruithof as Stout (3 episodes)
  18. Karen Garcia as Inez (3 episodes)
  19. Michael Richey as Bryce Aldrich (2 episodes)
  20. Matt Horohoe as The Whiner (2 episodes)
  21. Jose Hernandez as Maurice (2 episodes)
  22. Stephen Elliot Kaiser as Iggy (2 episodes)
  23. Betsy Graver as Rachel (2 episodes)
  24. Suzanne Didonna as Ann Strauss (2 episodes)
  25. Rus Blackwell as Nate Bales (2 episodes)
  26. Jordan Woods-Robinson as Sterling Voss (2 episodes)
  27. Rebecca Bujko as Ricki Coleman (2 episodes)
  28. Patrick Michael Buckley as Monte (2 episodes)
  29. Shelby Fenner as Myrrna (2 episodes)

Minor roles

  1. Patti Austin as Ella Fitzgerald ("The Year of the Fin")
  2. Anthony J. Ribustello as Jilly Rizzo ("The Year of the Fin")
  3. Cappy Pillon as the Announcer ("The Year of the Fin")
  4. Steve Sands as Guest 1 ("The Year of the Fin")
  5. Natalie Miller as Guest 2 ("The Year of the Fin")
  6. Roberto Escobar as a Cuban Man ("Feeding Frenzy")
  7. Gui Inacio as Frank Adamo ("Feeding Frenzy")
  8. Phillip Giannikas as Mr. Abraham ("Feeding Frenzy")
  9. Clyde David as Billy Bowers ("Feeding Frenzy")
  10. Kristian Lugo as a Student ("Feeding Frenzy")
  11. Marianne Haaland as a Woman Student ("Feeding Frenzy")
  12. Jeff Johnson as Detective 1 ("Feeding Frenzy")
  13. Tony Senzamici as a Beach Detective ("Feeding Frenzy")
  14. Erin Fisk as a Nurse ("Castles Made of Sand")
  15. Jason Macdonald as Byron Palmer ("Castles Made of Sand")
  16. Ximena Cordoba as a Venezuelan Contestant ("Castles Made of Sand")
  17. Haley Higgins as a United States Contestant ("Castles Made of Sand")
  18. Diane Adams as a Chaperone ("Castles Made of Sand")
  19. John Van Dalen as a Waiter ("Castles Made of Sand")
  20. Mark Danieri as Dave Powers ("Atonement")
  21. Manny Hernandez as Alberto ("Atonement")
  22. Xavier Coronel as Tony ("Atonement")
  23. Steve Lantz as a Union Man ("Atonement")
  24. Dorothy Lewis as Lady 2 ("Atonement")
  25. Kim Ostrenko as a Nurse ("Atonement")
  26. George Schiavone as the Rabbi ("Atonement")
  27. Adam Simpson as Reporter Bill Patrick ("Atonement")
  28. Andrew Sottilare as a Detective ("Atonement")
  29. Christina Bach Norman as Mourner Vivian ("Atonement")
  30. Daniel Joseph Wilson as a Man ("Atonement")
  31. John Early as George Lubow ("Suicide Blonde")
  32. Nina Leon as Isabel ("Suicide Blonde")
  33. Rayvon Casamayor as Santeria Girl ("Suicide Blonde")
  34. John McKerrow as a Waiter ("Suicide Blonde")
  35. Jose Patricio as Babalocha/Priest ("Suicide Blonde")
  36. Michael Roark as a Young Attorney ("Suicide Blonde")
  37. Anthony Bless as Orlando Valiente ("The Harder They Fall")
  38. Carlos Guerrero as Van Sierra ("The Harder They Fall")
  39. Erin Beute as a Salesgirl ("The Harder They Fall")
  40. Maria Panero as June Cohen ("The Harder They Fall")
  41. Lacey Toups as Brenda ("The Harder They Fall")
  42. AJ Vittone as Jimmy Powers ("The Harder They Fall")
  43. Ric Blackwell as a TV Reporter ("The Harder They Fall")
  44. Alex Crisci as a Boy ("The Harder They Fall")
  45. Trish Schneider as Woman 1 ("The Harder They Fall")
  46. Tony Lewis Centore as a Tailor ("Who's The Horse And Who's The Rider?")
  47. Michael Zaccheo as a Drunk Businessman ("Who's The Horse And Who's The Rider?")
  48. Patricia Mourelle as Maria Lazaro ("Time and Tide")
  49. Tom Nowicki as Alan Kyle ("Time and Tide")
  50. Rolando Sarabia as Rodrigo ("Time and Tide")
  51. Chris Marks as Guard #1 ("Time and Tide")
  52. Tony Senzamici as Detective #1 ("Time and Tide")
  53. Michael Montrond as Detective #2 ("Time and Tide")
  54. Stella Maris Ortiz as a Woman ("Time and Tide")
  55. Steven Murley as Guard #2 ("Time and Tide")


"Sounds like a lot of fun."
Stevie Evans
"Sounds like a hell of a lot of fun."
Ike Evans
"This will, get ugly."
Ike Evans
"Six years ago, this was all just sand and mosquitoes. Now it's the Miramar Playa."
Vera Evans
"I'm the Queen."
Vera Evans
"I'm back two days, and already I hear you've got union problems."
Ben Diamond
"I've got half, I want the rest...'s MINE!! Mine."
Ben Diamond
"Two nightclubs? A movie theater? You built a city."
Meg Bannock



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