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Lily Diamond
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Lily Diamond (Jessica Marais) is the new, young and seductive wife of Ben Diamond. While she could be dismissed as a golddigger, being the wife of Ben Diamond is anything but an easy way to get rich quick. When she met Ben, she was swimming as a "mermaid" at a tourist shop in Miami.


Lily Diamond is a sultry and seductive beauty. The third Mrs. Diamond – for Ben’s first two wives died under strange yet strikingly similar circumstances – first entranced her now-husband while swimming as a "mermaid" at popular tourist stop Weeki Wachee. Lily and Ben are still newlyweds. As with Ike and Vera, this was love, or in Ben's case lust at first sight. But Lily can’t simply be dismissed as a gold-digger, for after spending time with the deadly Ben Diamond, any pretty girl would know there are easier ways to make money. Lily has an agenda that is all her own and the risky habit of following her heart, even when it leads her down a treacherous path.[1]

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