im a 54 yr old woman with pre- cancerous lesions in both of my breasts, and they need to be having terrible bouts of anxiety over this problem. i am always sick now. i have a new grandson that is a wonder to behold..i would like to live to enjoy him as long as i possibly can..thats hard right now because all i seem to do anymore is cry.i was told you are the agent for angelina jolie-pitt, if thats true, could you help us get together online for a talk? i know shes a compassionate and caring woman whos been through the same choices...please help me. would you give this page to her and my e-mail address? if you cant or wont, then, i apologize for wasting your time and mine, as mine appears to be growing dimmer daily..thank you for reading this note........................sincerely, theresa murrhee

my e-mail address is

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