"Feeding Frenzy"
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date April 13, 2012
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"The Year of the Fin"
"Castles Made of Sand"

"Feeding Frenzy" is the 2nd episode of Magic City season 1, and the 2nd episode in the series overall.


Ike is forced to deal with the disgruntled father of Mike Strauss, after he suddenly disappears. Meanwhile, the DA uses Danny to help him fight organized crime. Elsewhere, Stevie decides to continue his affair with Lily, despite discovering that she is Ben Diamond's wife.

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  1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ike Evans
  2. Olga Kurylenko as Vera Evans
  3. Steven Strait as Stevie Evans
  4. Jessica Marais as Lily Diamond
  5. Christian Cooke as Danny Evans
  6. Elena Satine as Judi Silver
  7. Dominik Garcia-Lorido as Mercedes Lazaro
  8. Taylor Blackwell as Lauren Evans
  9. and Danny Huston as Ben Diamond

Guest starring

  1. Kelly Lynch as Meg Bannock
  2. Alex Rocco as Arthur Evans
  3. Yul Vazquez as Victor Lazaro
  4. Michael Rispoli as Bel Jaffe
  5. Matt Ross as Jack Klein
  6. Bradford Tatum as "Dandy" Al Haas


  1. John Cenatiempo as Vincent Lamb
  2. Karen-Eileen Gordon as Florence
  3. Taylor Anthony Miller as Ray Ray Mathis
  4. Chad Gall as Ethan Bell
  5. Todd Allen Durkin as Dough Feehan
  6. Rus Blackwell as Nate Bales
  7. Andrew Bowen as Divin' Dave Donahue
  8. Jordan Woods-Robinson as Sterling Voss
  9. Rebecca Bujko as Ricki Coleman
  10. Carla Bianchi as Peggy Reef
  11. Catalina Rodriguez as Theresa
  12. Stan Carp as Al Strauss
  13. Karen Garcia as Inez
  14. Garret Kruithof as Stout
  15. Roberto Escobar as a Cuban Man
  16. Gui Inacio as Frank Adamo
  17. Phillip Giannikas as Mr. Abraham
  18. Clyde David as Billy Bowers
  19. Kristian Lugo as a Student
  20. Marianne Haaland as a Woman Student
  21. Jeff Johnson as Detective 1
  22. Tony Senzamici as a Beach Detective


Opening credits

  1. Cathy Sandrich Gelfond - Casting
  2. Amanda Mackey - Casting
  3. Kate Caldwell - Casting
  4. Danielle Luppi - Music
  5. Gabriel Beristain - Director of Photography
  6. Carlos Barbosa - Production Designer
  7. Edward A. Warschilka - Editor
  8. Dwayne Shattuck - Episodic Producer
  9. Todd London - Supervising Producer
  10. Lawrence Konner - Co-Executive Producer
  11. Ed Bianchi - Co-Executive Producer
  12. Geyer Kosinski - Executive Producer
  13. Mitch Glazer - Executive Producer
  14. Mitch Glazer - Creator
  15. Mitch Glazer - Writer
  16. Ed Bianchi - Director

Closing credits

  1. Tim Christenson - Co-Producer
  2. Jennifer Jackson - Associate Producer
  3. Dwayne Shattuck - Unit Production Manager
  4. Karen Radzikowski - First Assistant Director (AD)
  5. Christian Clarke - Second AD
  6. Carol Ramsey - Costume Designer
  7. Linda Cohen - Music Supervisor
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