• LexiLexi

    Since we all have to wait for Spring 2012 for Magic City, it's exciting to get a sneak here and there of what's coming!

    USA Today tells us that the opening scene of Magic City will be New Years Evea, 1959, where an unseen Frank Sinatra is performing at the Fontainebleau, the hotel owned by Ike Evans. Creator Mitch Glazer says that as the son of an electrical engineer during that time period, he grew up around these types of hotels and is all too familiar with the corruption and crime during the late 1950s in Miami. He became a cabana boy during his teenage years, which is how Ike Evans got started working at the Fontainebleau. Has this titillated you enough to tune into Magic City on Starz? Comment below and tell us what you think!


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