Alex Rocco
Alex Rocco 01
Full name
Alexander Federico Petricone, Jr.
Date of birth
February 29, 1936 (1936-02-29) (age 83)
Place of birth
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
In season(s)

Alex Rocco (born Alexander Federico Petricone, Jr.) is an American actor who plays Ike Evans' father, Arthur Evans on Magic City. He is most recognizable for one of his early roles as casino owner Moe Greene in The Godfather.


ALEX ROCCO, a veteran character actor and first generation Italian, was born Alessandro Federico Petricone, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, across from Harvard University, where he was later given the prestigious Harvard Lampoon Award. Wanting to avert the corner and the lure of a life of crime, he flipped a coin between Miami and Los Angeles. It was the early 60s. L.A. won the toss. He tended bar at the Rain Check Room. It was a hangout for actors. Ironically, though not into the acting scene, he stole his first job, Batman, and has been playing gangsters, cops and tough guys ever since. His most notable role was Moe Greene, a Las Vegas casino owner, who takes a bullet in the eye, in The Godfather. His role as Nick Calabrese in Sydney Lumet‘s Find Me Guilty earned him reviews that applauded his gravitas and described him as deadly as a cobra. Some of his earlier films include: The Stunt Man, 'The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Lady in White, and Voices. With a flair for comedy, he did Freebie and The Bean, Herbie Goes Bananas,Cannonball Run II, The Pope Must Die, Get Shorty, That Thing You Do, and The Wedding Planner, where he played Jennifer Lopez‘s father. The most fun he has had acting, was playing a slick, smarmy agent in The Famous Teddy Z and which his ferociously funny performance won an Emmy®. Some of his other television series were: Facts of Life, Three for The Road, The George Carlin Show, and The Division. He has also done 400 television guest appearances. His distinctive voice landed him Roger Myers Jr., owner of Itchy and Scratchy, on The Simpsons and Thorny the ant, in A Bug‘s Life. It seems the coin toss has done alright by him. Now if it could only help him pick a horse at Santa Anita.[1]


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